About Us

Over 100 years industry knowledge and expertise.

Woodall Fastening Systems supply high quality fixings and accessories for roofing and cladding and have done so since 2003.

Our enormous core range of self-drilling screws are Ruspert plated for excellent corrosion resistance and are available in TechColour nylon heads that are moulded at our facility in the West Midlands to match perfectly with your build.

Need more than just screws?

We stock a huge range of sealants, adhesives, tapes, tools and more. A one-stop-shop that can help you deliver your project on time.

If you’re looking for technical advice on the right fixing for your job, we have you covered, with over 100 years of combined fixing experience, the answer to your fixing query is just a call or email away.

Correct installation of self-drilling fasteners

• Always use the correct installation tool for the job a Tech Gun, Never Use Impact Drivers! They flatten the threads, reduce pull out performance and can snap the heads off due to the high speed of up to 3500rpm and torque they produce.

• Always drive the screw so that its axis is perpendicular to the substrate.

• Start driving the screw by using low rpm and gradually increase the speed, do not exceed 1800rpm when installing heavy section fasteners this can cause burn outs.

• If available try to use a nose piece/depth locators and make sure the drive socket is free from swarf and not worn out.

• Stop driving the screw when the w the washer becomes flat and the EPDM rubber layer is pushed out by 0.5-1mm