Carbon Counter Sunk Winged Self Drilling Screws

Product detail: Fixings / Fasteners
Countersunk Winged Drill Screws for Fixing Timber Battens to Light Section Purlins 1.2mm -3.6mm
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Product Options

Product Code Size Build Up ETL Add to List
WDLS38 4.8 x 38mm CSK LS 20mm PH2
WDLS50 5.5 x 50mm CSK LS 28mm PH3
WDLS60 5.5 x 60mm CSK LS 43mm PH3
WDLS85 5.5 x 85mm CSK LS 63mm PH3
WDLS110 5.5 x 110mm CSK LS 86mm PH3

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