TechBar Spacer Support System

Product detail: Techbar Spacer Support System
TechBar Spacer Support Bar & Brackets for Twin Skin Built up Roof Systems and Over Cladding.
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Support Bars

Product Code Type Length / Height Add to List
TBR1000 Support Bar L:1 Metre
TBR2000 Support Bar L:1 Metre
TBR3000 Support Bar L: 3 Metre


Product Code Type Length / Height Add to List
TGB100 Bracket H: 100mm
TGB120 Bracket H: 120mm
TGB130 Bracket H: 130mm
TGB140 Bracket H: 140mm
TGB150 Bracket H: 150mm
TGB160 Bracket H: 160mm
TGB170 Bracket H: 170mm
TGB180 Bracket H: 180mm
TGB250 Bracket H: 250mm
TGB260 Bracket H: 260mm
TGB270 Bracket H: 270mm
TGB280 Bracket H: 280mm
TGB290 Bracket H: 290mm
TGB300 Bracket H: 300mm

TechBar Support System

The launch of TechBar marks a new and innovative time for the concept of the support bar system. Used for both new build and refurbishment applications, the high performance design and enhanced features of the system offer the roofing and cladding industry a far superior solution. Whether for new build or refurbished,
for metal cladding of walls and roofs provides the complete energy efficient solution, designed to surpass the latest building regulations.

TechBar Support Bar

With the increased number of ribs for higher strength. Manufactured from high quality 1.25mm galvanised steel to EN 1014.
Available in lengths of 1,2 and 3m from stock. Other lengths by arrangement.

TechBar Bracket

Improved design and added ribs mean increased strength. Manufactured from 1.60mm galvanised steel to EN 10147, with vapour seal pad/thermal insulator. Heights available from 60mm-280mm. Additional heights are available by special arrangement

Key Benefits

• Faster yet more accurate to assemble, easy to fix in place

• More cost effective, reliable and safer to use

• Advancements in the engineering and production process have increased the quality, strength, stability and durability.

• Extensive technical support service including design and consultation

• Product has been independently tested

• Certified for 4 hour firewall use

Key Features

• Four ribs offer superior strength and greater pullout performance

• Alphabetical TGB bracket location guide on every bar

• Bar to bar connecting for extra strength and stability.

• Advancements in galvanising result in higher quality components

• Thermal check-pad also creates air seal to liner

• May be fitted vertically for horizontal cladding

• Standard and bespoke range of bracket and bar sizes